Limited Warranty coverage applies for Breakdowns to the covered parts listed below and related labor, provided they are not covered by insurance or the manufacturer's warranty. Taxes and fluids needed for authorized repairs are also included. Only those parts stated under "What's is Covered" are covered by this Limited Warranty. A $100 deductible does apply.

All internally lubricated parts; engine block; cylinder head(s); harmonic balancer; intake and exhaust manifolds; mounts; oil pan; factory installed supercharger or turbo-charger; timing belt/chain; valve cover(s); water pump.

All internally lubricated parts within the transmission; cooler and cooler lines (metal); mounts; throttle valve cable; torque converter; flywheel/flex plate; transmission and transfer case housing, oil pan; vacuum modulator; external and internal control unites.

All internally lubricated parts within the drive/transaxle assembly; including axles and axles bearings; constant velocity joints and boots; drive axle housing; differential cover; hub bearings; front hub locking assemblies; drive shaft and drive support; universal joints.

Please see the dealer for full warranty disclaimer.

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