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We are located on University dr. in Huntsville AL.

Our dealership has a large inventory with over 100 vehicles in stock . One of the key differences in a dealership like ours though, is that we work with you to establish a payment you can afford and then show you a selection of cars based on that affordable payment. We don’t try to get you into more vehicle than you can afford.

Instead of making monthly payments to a traditional leasing company, you make periodic payments directly to Credit Now Auto Inc. You may also pay online though our website, it’s safe; and it’s convenient.

FREE 6 month/6,000 mile limited warranty free on every vehicle.


Credit Now Auto Sales reports to the credit bureau every month. This gives you a good opportunity to improve your credit

That’s not a problem. Your sales professional will be able to show you all our availability. This includes cars at that specific store and cars we know we have coming from service. We have a constant flow of vehicles coming to the lot from our service departments, and with over 100 vehicles, we’re sure to find the vehicle that’s the right fit for you. Remember, too, that only about 50% of our inventory is available online, that’s because it changes so often we can’t keep up on the website. The best way to see everything we have available is to call and set up a time to see one of our sales professionals in person.

Once you’ve completed the full program application, we’ll have a decision in about 20-minutes.

Credit Now Auto Sales reports to the credit bureau. This gives you a good opportunity to improve your credit. We have seen many, many customers over the years build or rebuild their credit with our help

Reach us at:
256-713-0510 Espanol

We feel communication is the key to every good relationship. Contact us immediately if you think there will be a problem making your payment. The sooner you contact us, the more options we will have in how we can help you.

Credit Now Auto Inc

3815 University Drive
Huntsville, AL 35816
Phone (256)539-0550


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